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GA4 will be here July 1, 2023

We have been talking about this for a while now. The day when the original (and most loved ????) Google Analytics will stop collecting data and the new version will take over. The new version is GA4 and if you haven’t installed it yet, Google will automatically install it for …

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Google Analytics 4: 101 Class

Earlier this week, Clapping Dog Media sent out an email newsletter. Despite our best intentions, we are not very consistent with email marketing. We sent one out one newsletter in January, skipped February all together and then sent one more out the morning on March 1. Apparently we are on …

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A Complete Guide to Marketing Dashboards

As SEOs and all around data nerds, we here at Clapping Dog Media look at the numbers all day, everyday. We track the metrics that matter so that our clients don’t have to, instead they can focus on running their business. At any given time, I have approximately 9000 tabs …

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Traffic: A Complete Guide to New Users

One of the Metrics that Matter most is New Sessions.  New Sessions are an estimate of the percentage of First Time Visits. Google Analytics defines a new visit as anyone who has never been on the site before (according to their tracking snippet). The tracking snippet is based on cookies, …

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