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Google Analytics 4: 101 Class

GA4 Online Class

Earlier this week, Clapping Dog Media sent out an email newsletter.

Despite our best intentions, we are not very consistent with email marketing. We sent one out one newsletter in January, skipped February all together and then sent one more out the morning on March 1.

Apparently we are on an every-other-month schedule, so if you want to hear from us occasionally, go ahead and get on our list 🙂

The email we sent out on March 1,  recapped the most popular blog posts of the year so far, this one about Ai and SEO is  killin’ it.

The note also mentioned our newest product, the Insights Report  and we asked if anyone would be interested in learning the ins-and-outs of Ga4 since the deadline to upgrade is looming.

I was shocked at the responses.

This email had a 48.1% open rate (I am pretty sure we should get a trophy for that).

Also we had over 15 replies from people with interest in learning more about GA4. I know 15 isn’t a huge number, but it is shockingly high in comparison to the engagement we have gotten in the past, which has been 0.

So we are going to host a class and teach you what you need to know about GA4.

Google Analytics 4 -101 Class

We are hosting a live class all about GA4 on Thursday, March 9 at 3pm est.

In the class you will learn:

  • What is GA4
  • GA4 vs Universal Analytics – Which version should you use?
  • How to upgrade from UA to GA4
  • How to test to see if it is set up correctly
  • How to set up goals/events in GA4
  • Review of standard reports
  • How to see Social Media Sources in GA4

Join us.


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We will send out a recording with the slides to everyone who signs up.

And just to recap, what Is Google Analytics 4?

On July 1, 2023, Google is retiring Google Analytics 3 (also known as Universal Analytics or UA) and replacing it with Google Analytics 4.  While the average user will not notice any difference in how they search and browse online, for marketers and businesses, the switch will require significant changes.

The upgrade does require manual work to set up, this is not like a software update that happens on your phone overnight.

Even further, the way GA4 collects and reports data is wildly different and any comfortable UA user will be a bit lost with the new version.

If all of this is making your head hurt, sign up for the live class.

[convertkit form=4912742]

We have written several articles about GA4, so if you want to get a head start read these.

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