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The Next Big Thing in Search – Creator Led Content

Real. Human-made. Authentic. Actual Experience. Transparency.

This is the future with AI.

Teasing out what is really real and what is AI generated is what us marketers have to do.

As the world speeds into the vast, ever-changing world of Artificial Intelligence, the marketing world is going  equally fast in the opposite direction.

We have to show, What is it really like to work with that business? How does that product actually work?

Real life, authentic experience, this the next big thing with online marketing. 

The importance of finding “trusted sources of information” or creator-led content is going to dramatically shape how we use the internet in the age of AI. The future of search will be driven by content creators who inspire, educate, and entertain audiences with real experience.

Search is in the middle of a content revolution where traditional boundaries of search engine result pages (SERPs) are expanding across platforms. With the launch of Perspectives, users are literally going to be able to search everywhere. 

Imagine searching on Google and getting answers from Reddit, YouTube, TikTock and websites all in one feed.  That is Google Perspectives and it is going to have an unmeasurable impact on how users search for and find answers.


What is Creator-Led Content

Creator-led content refers to content that is primarily driven and created by individual influencers, rather than being solely produced by brands or organizations. It involves collaborating with content creators to develop and distribute content that aligns with their personal style, expertise, and audience.

In creator-led content, brands or businesses work in partnership with these influencers to co-create content that promotes their products, services, or brand messages. The content creators leverage their creativity, authenticity, and influence to develop engaging and relatable content that resonates with their followers or target audience.

One great example, is Mr. Beast, (James Donaldson) he is a university drop-out turned content creator who has an enormous following on YouTube.

Mr. Beast has pioneered this type of content and has gained popularity due to his ability to establish a more genuine and organic connection with people.

By leveraging the unique perspectives and creative approaches of content creators, brands can tap into their existing fan base and benefit from their credibility and influence.

Creator-led content can take various forms, such as social media posts, blog articles, videos, podcasts, or even live streams. The content creators infuse their own style, personality, and storytelling abilities to make the content more engaging and authentic.

Why Creator-Led Content is Important Now

Simply, AI Generated Content.

The way I  see it, is that Search is going to be divided into 2 parts – the first that is informational and/or factual based and the second is created by people. Real people with real experience.

For e-commerce businesses, the strategy for creator-led marketing is straight forward, albeit not easy. Connect with customers and persuade them to  post content about your product.

For service based businesses, creator-led marketing is more muddy. But here are some ideas.

  • work with complimentary businesses to create authentic content. If you are a web developer, collaborate with a designer.
  • create videos that show BTS of the people and processes of the service
  • work with clients to create a video case study, showing before and afters

One of the key aspects of creator led content marketing is video. Videos of real people showing their real experience is what is going to make the difference.

Why We are Leaning into  Creator-Led Content for our Clients at Clapping Dog Media

Our passion has always been to help small businesses succeed in a very crowded and noisy world.  We know that people want and need our clients’ services, but struggled to find them. Our job is to help our clients be found for what they do best.  We are essentially a microphone for clients.

We believe that in order to be found, you can’t only lean on high-value content (which is still VERY important) but you need to be recommended, featured and referenced on other sources. The more that you can show Google, the new SGE, and Large Language Models that your business is getting recommended across the internet –by real people– the better the chance that you can rank well on search.


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